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@httpdanieIa: me and my sister and some friends met @Louis_Tomlinson in nyc todayyyy

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levvis: it’s my birthday in 19 minutes lol x

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Seventeen’s Hot Guys issue - November 2014

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idgaf what u say this band aint equal everything is about zayn! this is destiny’s child and zayn is beyonce. this band is the pussy cat dolls and zayn is nicole. idc about nelson, harper, leonardo and lincoln. zayn zayn zayn

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where’s my not seeing the film squad

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No one will be the next one direction
—Simon Cowell speaking the truth (via ziamsbro)

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My first assignment feature for British GQ. A sweaty 23 hours in Ibiza with the ridiculously talented Ed Sheeran. Out now in the November issue.

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